Pharmaceutical Management

Hull Cell Laboratory

A small amount of plating solution is required. The plating effect of the plating solution from a wide current density range can be obtained in a short period of time.

Because the test is sensitive to the composition of the plating solution and the operating conditions, it is often used to determine the concentration of each component of the plating solution, the pH value, to determine the current density range of the fine coating, and also often used to analysis the failure of the plating solution. Hull cell has become an indispensable tool for electroplating research and electroplating process control.


Laboratory Analysis

Use the principle of chemical equilibrium to analyze the concentration of acid and alkali by titration. This ensures that the product has sufficient cleanliness to complete the plating and reduce the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. On the other hand, to ensure the quality of plating, the content of impurities in the process chemicals is detected by redox titration.


Atomic Absorption Spectrometer AA

Confirm the composition of the metal composition of the solution. Observe the various metal indicators of wastewater.


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