Corporate Growth

As the premise of sustainable operation, TRENDLAND holds the principle of quality first as the highest guidance, by investing in large amount of automation equipment, continuous innovation of R&D technology and professional processing with flexible production to meet the needs of the customers. With the introduction of foreign environmental friendly high corrosion resistant solution, it has greatly improved the surface treatment technology in Taiwan and reducing the environmental pollution. Not only does it provide stable product quality and safety of supply chain system, but also establishes the cornerstone of sustainable development by pursuing the spirit of having friendly land and environment.


Quality Assurance

Quality Policy- “Customer satisfaction, quality first, continuous improvement, sustainable operation”.

TRENDLAND supervise every detail to ensure the highest quality.

Quality is the pillar to a business operation, TRENDLAND will move forward with the customer.

With customer demand as the guidance, the entire operation of the company, from sample testing, mass production, product delivery to after sales service, are committed to providing customers with “customer oriented” service in product quality, service satisfaction and price competitiveness.

TRENDLAND upholds the working principle of quality improvement to all employees, with the idea of “providing good quality is responsibility of all employees”. Based on customer requirement and demand, we carry out various quality improvement activities and constantly improving the competitiveness and quality of the company to ensure that customers are loyal to the company’s products then gradually expand the market share.

By continuous improvement of the various process and management of the company and with the spirit of PDCA, we constantly improve our internal and external operation to ensure the goal of “There is no best, only better” is carried out.

Looking to the future, enterprise based on the three elements of CSD (Corporate Sustainability Development)-economy, environment and society, will constantly apply the concept internally within the structure and the system of the enterprise, to ensure that the cooperate social responsibility is implemented in economic, society and environmental fields.


Environment Assurance

Environment Assurance- Comply with regulations, energy saving, pollution prevention and continuous improvement

The most important topic at TRENDLAND is the protection of environment as well as the safety and health of the employees. According to the spirit of sustainable management by PDCA, the goal of the entire staff is to promote company’s environmental policy, perform cooperate environmental responsibility, carry out green energy management and ensure continuous development.

For the continuous development of the environment, we are actively carrying out various environmental policies.

・Compliance with government regulations regarding environmental and satisfying customer requirement.
・Commitment to reduce waste during production, water and energy resource management, improve energy efficiency and continue to build on green energy.
・Strengthening pollution prevention by applying high standard specification, setting up pollution prevention equipment, setting up water recycling processing system in order to reduce sewage discharge and protect environment.
・Regular audit on environmental management system and continuous improvement.
・Green buildings in the factory, green production lines, in order to obtain green factory and join international green supply chain.

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