Brand Story

The company is named TRENDLAND because:


Trend- Mastering the trend is more important than grasping the advantages.
This means we know how to observe the trend, analysis, adjust the advantage and developed accordingly. In line with the international standards and future trend, we bring the best quality and service to the customers becoming the most complete surface treatment professional.


Land- For the land in Taiwan, regeneration of the green.
This means we are committed to environmental sustainability and wish to become an important member of customer’s green supply chain, as well as promote green production and green building as the policy to environmental management. Combine business operation with environmental protection philosophy to pursue sustainable operation and enhance overall green competitiveness.

Trademark Design

Using TL as the design spindle to make up the regenerated arrow, it symbolizes that TRENDLAND can solve any problem of your surface treatment, improve your production process. With the idea of nonpolluting environment T+L to make the land green and regenerating.

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